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Over the past three years more than 125 professionals and researchers shared their experiences in the BIM International Conference.

We are sure that there are numerous implementations or ongoing investigations which, although anonymous, are of particular worth mentioning in a conference as the BIC. We want BIC2016 to be the stage where every year professionals and researchers present the best of what is being done in Industry and Research Centers worldwide.

We want to hear your experience! But we know that your time is valuable and limited, so we make the process very simple!

You only have to sum up the experience you want to share by answering three questions:


  1. In what consisted your experience? (minimum of 2000 characters including spaces)
  2. What are the benefits obtained or expected in the near future? (minimum of 2000 characters including spaces)
  3. What distinguishes your experience of others? (minimum of 2000 characters including spaces)
  4. Bibliography and References (if applicable)


We are sure that the most difficult will be to limit your submission to this amount of words.

The most interesting works will be invited to present in BIC2016 (Sao Paulo or Lisbon) and will be compiled in the Annual Conference Book with its respective ISBN (see previous editions). In order to reward your willingness to share your knowledge, if your work end up being selected, you can register in BIC2016 at a special price (see website).

You can either submit your experience in Portuguese and English. However, if you want your work to be included in the official publication of the Conference, then this short paragraphs should be written in English compulsory since the official language of the publication is English.

Fortunately, BIM is today a more common methodology used in the construction industry and therefore we are sure that even if you do not have a personal experience to share you know a colleague working in the area. Convince him to come to BIC2016 and to share his/her knowledge!

Do you know already what you would like to present in BIC2016?

Submit today your experience through this online form:




Remember that June 30 is the deadline for accepting submissions.

We are waiting for you! See you in the conference! 


Important dates:

  • Submission of your work | June 30, 2016
  • Notification of Acceptance / Revision | July 31, 2016
  • Deliver of your Presentation (PWP) | September 15, 2016
  • Final work Submission for the Conference Book | October 30, 2016
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